Beautiful Saint Cloud, Florida

This amazing piece of property is perfect for your next filming project. It is 25,000 acres of private land with hundreds of different scenes for your next feature film, reality show or music video. The best part is the location. It is located only 50 minutes from Orlando and 25 minutes from Melbourne Beach, Florida. The property has thick jungle like areas, open fields, lakes, swamps and plenty of extras, such as, a sawmill, a shell mine, old scary camps, cabins, cow pens, air boats, and swamp buggies. It is a "one stop shop" for your next filming adventure.

This ranch property has been family owned for six generations. It was bought in the late 1800's and has been well taken care of for the last 120 years. There is plenty of space for your large equipment, trucks, tractor trailers, and even helicopters. It has a private 5 mile road that would be perfect for your next getaway scene. It also has marshes, canals, waterways, and thousands of acres of swamp. It is a very versatile piece of property for all types of movies. Remember, filming on private lands require less permits, more privacy, and more options for your next filming project.

Disclaimer: seasons change, therefore the scenery's color may change throughout the year.